Philadelphia Runner

Connecting, inspiring, and strengthening the Philadelphia running and fitness community since 2004. This city and the streets running through it define us, and our culture is built on the idea that working out can and should be fun, and it is always more fun when you are part of a vibrant community of like-minded people. We aren’t the fastest runners in the world – we come from a variety of backgrounds, but we are all passionate about running, fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle. Oh, and not least of all, the glorious post-workout pint with friends.

Our mission is health and movement. Moving from where you are now, to where you want to go. From the best brands and resources, to group runs and community events - we are Philly's local hub for an urban, active lifestyle. 


Diadora is an Italian athletic company headquartered in the shadows of the Dolomite mountains in Northern Italy. With 70 years of experience, Diadora makes running products with a focus on craft and Italian design. Diadora is a locally-focused brand with strong support for local running stores and the runners that frequent them. Diadora is proud to support the Philadelphia Runner Track Club as they advance competitive running in the Philadelphia region and introduce future athletes to the sport


Phila Massages

Phila Massages is an exclusive Sports Massage therapy provider. The company works with professional athletes such as pro football or soccer players, as well as active people who put stress on their bodies including competitive runners.

Sports Massage is beneficial to help accelerate recovery after an injury, to prevent injury occurrence, and to maintain optimal muscle tone and pliability for peak performance and fitness.