MEMBER: Kylie Pearse

Name: Kylie Pearse
Hometown: Malverne, NY
High School: Kellenberg Memorial High School
College: Bucknell University
Occupation: Medical Malpractice Underwriter
Favorite Place to Run in Philly: pooL ooZ

Personal Bests
Mile: 5:00
5k: 17:47
Half Marathon: 1:20:32
Marathon: 2:43:02

Career Highlights:
2nd place at the Wineglass Marathon


By: Jessica Fragola (04/23/16)

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What sparked your love of running? How did you end up in Philadelphia?

I started running Freshman year of High School because I didn’t make the soccer team (tear). My neighbor was the coach and he is who sparked my love for running. To this day he is still my biggest supporter, and probably always will be. He is so crazy and funny, just like almost every other running I’ve ever met. That’s what I love about running, the crazy but amazing people I’ve met through this sport! As for Philadelphia, I am from Long Island but got a job here. So the fear of being poor brought me here, but I’ve loved every minute of living here!!

What are your favorite events to compete at and what do you like about them?

In college, my favorite event to compete in was the mile. The perfect combination of speed and endurance! Also, my goal has always been to run a fast mile because people always want to know your mile time! Post-college…. I’m warming up to the longer distances, still not ready to call anything above a 5k my “favorite” distance though!

If you could go on a run with one person who would it be and why?

Emily Infeld!! The internet is a mean place, and I spend ALOT of time on it, and I have never read a bad thing about her. I think that says a lot about someone. Also, she’s a beast.

What are your current running goals?

First and foremost… to break 5 min in the mile! Current PR 5:00.2. Eventually break 3 hours in the marathon and 1:25 in the half. PRs in anything are always fun though!

Do you have any favorite quotes, or favorite books that inspire you?

LOL….. to be honest, not really.

I just realized we have TWO long islanders on PRTC. Maybe there are more I don’t know about. Are you a Met’s or a Yankee’s fan? What do you think of Billy Joel?

Yankees!!!!!!!! Booooooo Mets haha, pretty neutral on Billy Joel.

Anything else you’d like add/tell everyone about yourself?

Bulldogs are my favorite dog, so if we are running and we see one, I will definitely stop!!!!