MEMBER: Austin Zimmet

Name: Austin Zimmet
Hometown: Cabin John, Maryland
High School: Walt Whitman High School
College: Franklin and Marshall College
Occupation: PhD Student
Favorite Place to Run in Philly:

Personal Bests
5k: 16:47
Half Marathon: 1:23:07
Marathon: 3:06:48


By: Kevin Brandon (03/04/19)

Austin, thanks for taking time to speak with us. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you end up in Philadelphia and running with PRTC?

I am a graduate student studying biochemistry/biophysics at UPenn. Being Penn adjacent, I ran into a few people doing PRTC and I figured I would try it out. I am definitely not the fastest guy on the team but I've found that doing PRTC has pushed me to take my running more seriously and I'm excited to keep improving!

When did you first become a runner? Did a specific event compel you to take on the sport?

I've run since high school. I ran track in college as well, but I ran mostly shorter events. For me, running has always been very fun in that there is such a strong correlation between effort and success. I have loved pushing myself and seeing what I can do.

Once you began running, how did your career develop? Take us through day one to today.

My first 5k was in 10th grade. I ran it in 32 minutes. I definitely wasn't a naturally gifted runner but I really enjoy the sport and hope to keep running faster!

What is a favorite running accomplishment or moment?

Any PR. It's a great feeling to keep getting better.

How about a not-so-great moment?

Not quite making it to a portajohn.....

Regarding your running future, what are your near and long-term goals?

This year I plan on running a 2:57 marathon and a sub 1:20 half. In the long term... I would like to keep running forever.

Preferred pre and post-race meals?

Pre: Pasta for sure. Post: Roast pork sandwich with broccoli rabe and provolone.

Can you share with us what you're currently up to professionally?

I am pursuing my PhD in biochemistry. 

What inspired you to pursue this field?

I love science. It's awesome learning how things work and testing what we think we know. It's something I've always been interested in. 

Any non-running related hobbies, hidden skills or talents we may enjoy hearing about?

I enjoy painting and drawing. I'm not good at painting while running though. That would be a cool talent.  

Favorite dad joke?

What do you call an elephant that doesn't matter? Irrelephant