MEMBER: Nick Crits

Name: Nick Crits
Hometown: Ambler, PA
High School: Wissahickon High School
College: La Salle University
Personal Bests
Career Highlights


By: Kevin Brandon (07/05/18)

Nick, thanks for taking time to speak with us. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you end up in Philadelphia and running with PRTC?

I lived in the suburbs and always attended Philly sporting events. I ended up with PRTC because it is home for me.

When did you first become a runner? Did a specific event compel you to take on the sport?

I started track and field in 7th grade. I started out in the 100m, 4x1 relay, and one day decided to hop in an 800 and ran well. Played soccer,  basketball, and baseball before running. 

Once you began running, how did your career develop? Take us through day one to today.

My career developed well. I started cross country in 10th grade as an unconfident kid, and then after that season I was motivated, had many goals, and wanted to win.

What is a favorite running accomplishment or moment?

Favorite running monent: Running on a hot summer day and then sprinting full speed jumping in a pool. Favorite running accomplishment: Winning the 2008 mile state championship or wining A10 XC Championship as a team at La Salle.

How about a not-so-great moment?

Not so great moment: Lung collapsed after indoor A10 Championships so I had to sit out and recover for 4-5 months.

Regarding your running future, what are your near and long-term goals?

My near and long term goals: Never give up. Be a hungry dog. 

You are one of several La Salle alumni on our roster. What did you enjoy most about their program?

What I enjoyed most about the La Salle program was the team culture.

Can you share with us a bit about what you're currently up to professionally?

As of now I work as a PM Air package car supervisor for UPS. I am currently looking for a new career. 

Any non-running related hobbies, hidden skills or talents we may enjoy hearing about?

I can play any and all sports and games. I can draw and paint. I like to try any and all types of food and drinks. I'm trying to travel more in and out of the country.