MEMBER: Lauren Kelly


Name: Lauren Kelly
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
High School: Saint Hubert Catholic High School
College: Lafayette College
Occupation: Business Administrator - University of Pennsylvania
Favorite Place to Run in Philly: Franklin Field

Personal Bests
5K - 17:39
10K - 36:21
10 Miler - 59:23
Half Marathon - 1:21
Marathon - 2:52

Career Highlights
2016 Rothman Institute 8K- 4th Female
2013 Broad Street Run- 15th Female and 1st Philadelphian
2013 Vermont City Marathon- 3rd Female


By: Kevin Brandon (11/06/17)

Lauren, thanks for taking time to speak with us. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? How did you end up in Philadelphia and running with PRTC?

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me better!  I've lived in Philly my whole life with the exception of 4 years spent at college.  I grew up in Northeast Philly, went to college at Lafayette College in the Lehigh Valley, and moved back to Philly after graduation.  I currently reside in Center City and love it.  I began running with PRTC a little over a year ago. Jamie had stopped me on a distance run one morning, spoke highly of the club, and I decided to try it out!

When did you first become a runner? Did a specific event compel you to take on the sport?

I began running and competing at a very early age, about 6 or 7 starting with cross country.  I am the youngest of five girls, and my dad had gotten us all into running, having been a runner himself.  He ended up being our high school coach as well, and we became known as the running family.  I wouldn't trade the experience of my family running together for anything; it made us closer and most of our memories growing up revolve around running!  My family's support throughout the years has been incredible as I continue to chase running goals.

Once you began running, how did your career develop? Take us through day one to today.

I've been competing for as long as I remember, but I don't think I really found my love for it until college.  It was then I started dedicating myself and having success with the sport; I was less than mediocre in high school.  My mileage took a big leap in college and I started to see steady improvement.  The 10K was my favorite event; speed doesn't come natural to me.  Post-college, there was no question I wanted to focus on longer distances on the road.  I tend to benefit from having a coach, especially as I have been hit pretty hard with the injury bug post-college.  I would hammer crazy mileage week in and week out on my own so it definitely helps to have someone keep me in check.  Most recently, I have been fortunate to work with Jason Kilderry and it's been the first time in a while I have been training with lower volume and higher intensity to keep me healthy.  Also notable is my easy days are now much easier than in the past and this allows me to recover and go harder on my workout days.  While I loved high volume, I couldn't handle it anymore and my body kept breaking down at every turn.  It's been refreshing to have a change in training and to not feel constantly on the brink of exhaustion.

Can you tell us about a favorite running accomplishment or moment?

My debut marathon in Burlington, Vermont is easily my favorite running moment.  Hands down, it was the worst running conditions I have ever raced in.  Pouring rain, 40 degrees, and wind gusts up to 40-50mph the entire race.  I had no idea what to expect, but was thrilled with a 2:52 debut in those conditions and placing 3rd female.  I'm proud of staying tough on a hard day.  Ever since then, I've been hooked on the marathon.  It was a special race and one I'll always hold close to my heart.

How about a not-so-great moment?

Hmm... I've definitely had my fair share of those!  Philly Marathon one year was quite a big disaster.  Started having stomach issues shortly after the 10K (think it was from taking the Lemon Lime Gatorade which I’ve never liked but took the only option they gave me).  Long story short, I ended up getting sick 6 times over the course of the remaining 20 miles of the race and it was a nightmare experience.

Regarding your running future, what are your near and long-term goals?

Long-term, I'd love to go back to the marathon and nail the OTQ.  The past couple years have been up and down with both injury and illness, so am working on shorter stuff for the time being, anywhere from mile-10 mile.  At some point I'd like to race the 5K at Penn Relays; that's been on my bucket list.  Long-LONG term, I'd love to continue running for as long as I live!

Can you tell us what you do professionally?

I work at the University of Pennsylvania as a business administrator for the School of Arts and Sciences.  I've been working at Penn since graduating college and love being in the higher education environment.  Some of the tasks I handle are payroll, reimbursements, monitoring budgets, etc.  I've been very happy with my career at Penn.

And how did you come into that career path?

My undergrad degree is in Economics and Business and upon graduating, I started applying to jobs anywhere in the Philly area.  I knew Penn was somewhere I would enjoy working and ended up in a financial/admin position to begin with and moved up.  The faculty and students keep it interesting!

Any non-running related hobbies, hidden skills or talents we may enjoy hearing about?

I always joke that the only thing I know how to do is run.  It's honestly all I've ever known; there are no hidden talents or skills in me!