PRTC Weekly: 12/03/2018 (California Stars, Grand Prix Results, and More)

Final 2018 Grand Prix Standings

Results of the 2018 USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix Series have been finalized!

PRTC placed 2nd overall (up from 3rd in 2017). We're looking forward to using the associated $900 prize to improve club support in 2019!

New (and older!) members may ask, "How does the series work, anyway?" Great question!

USATF Mid-Atlantic has established a set of rules designed to create fair competition among clubs of different age ranges and genders. For each race in the series, the top 5 athletes (must include one female) on each club "score." Points are based on age-graded percentiles. A 100% score is equal to the age level world record in any given distance.

We did very well this year and came within striking distance of winning the series. Our primary competition (Greater Philadelphia) is a formidable opponent. They boast several phenomenal master's athletes who routinely age-grade in the 90th percentile. For reference, our best performance on the year was Chris Hatler's 23:49 8k at Rothman. This earned an 88.951 score and aptly demonstrates just how difficult it is for open athletes to break into the 90's.

So with all that context, here are the standings. Thanks to all who ran Grand Prix races and congrats to GPTC on the repeat victory!

1) Greater Philadelphia Track Club: 3,396.215
2) Philadelphia Runner Track Club: 3,353.515
3) Pike Creek Valley Running Club: 3,275.299

The below runners placed best in their age-groups. They will be recognized for their achievement at the annual USATF Mid-Atlantic Luncheon (more on this later).

PRTC Age Group Winners

Kaitlin Frei: 1st
Margaret Vido: 1st
Christine Ramsey: 1st
Lauren Kelly: 2nd
Aliah Molczan: 3rd

Chris Mateer: 1st (& 2nd overall!)
Josh Hibbs: 1st
Steve Hallman: 2nd
Colin McGrath: 2nd
Pete Celona: 2nd
Michael Moore: 3rd
Harsha Thirumurthy: 3rd

Race Results

Sacramento, CA: Colin Leak and Sam Roecker chased their dreams to the Golden State at California International Marathon (CIM). The pair recorded a set of all star performances. We couldn't be happier for them!

Setting the stage: CIM serves as USA Marathon Championships and boasts a deep elite field. The prospect of serious prize money, friendly racing weather (generally speaking), and a large number of runners seeking Olympic Trials Qualifiers (OTQ's) attracts strong competition.

Colin returned to CIM (from 2017) and exchanged his OTQ B Standard for the A Standard. His 2:14:43 beat the 2:15 requirement and earned him 14th overall. This time represents a PR of just under a minute and is also a new PRTC marathon record. Wow - congrats Colin!

As for Sam, put simply, she stunned. Her 2:30:25 finish earned a well-deserved 3rd place on the podium. She blew past the OTQ A Standard of 2:37 and recorded a PR of approximately 8 minutes. This breakthrough puts her in some seriously fast company. Our best estimate is that she now holds a top 15 time among all American runners in 2018. Sam also earned a place on PRTC's record board. She takes the title from Michelle Lilienthal who ran 2:35:51 in 2006. Fantastic racing!

Colin Leak: 2:14:43 (14th)
Sam Roecker: 2:30:25 (3rd)

Full results here.

Philadelphia, PA: This week we shared our traditional Sunday long run with The Loop Race. The distance was (we should all know this!).... 8.4 miles.

Paul Matuszak was the lone PRTC member to take the challenge on. He held Bryn Mawr's Charlie Marquardt to an honest effort by forcing a quick pace. Paul reports, "I threw a surge in after a half mile. Didn't realize how fast. We were 4:47 through the first, but then settled down." After that, "I ran a threshold run for a little over 7.5m and then (Charlie) whooped my ass by 10+ seconds in the final segment."

The Loop Race was founded in 1972 and benefits the Belmont Plateau Cross Country courses. A $250 bonus was available for anyone who broke the course record. The fastest known Schuylkill River Loop is a blazing 40:08 (4:36 pace) set in 1983 for men. The female record was set in 1982 at 47:02 (5:24 pace).

Way to represent PRTC, Paul! An impressive performance just a few weeks removed from a serious marathon effort. Congrats!

Paul Matuszak: 42:54 (2nd)

Full results here.

Upcoming Runs, Events, & Races

Tuesday: Franklin Field for track work. Arrive at 6:15 for warmup or 6:30 for the start of our workouts.

Sunday: Long run at 9:00 AM from Lloyd Hall.

December 8th, 2018USATF Club XC Nationals (Spokane, WA)

December 15th, 2018: Open Mic Night / Holiday Party at the Bodega (7:30 PM)

February 23rd, 2019Fireside Frostbite 5 Miler (Ambler, PA)
March 16th, 2019Adrenaline 5k (Haddonfield, NJ)
April 25th - 27th, 2019Penn Relays (Philadelphia, PA)
April, 28, 2019Revolutionary Run 5 Miler (Valley Forge, PA)
May 5th, 2019Broad Street Run (Philadelphia, PA)

* Denotes USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix Event

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