PRTC Weekly: 04/19/2018 An Historic Marathon and More

An Historic Marathon

Boston; MA: This year’s running of the Boston Marathon generated a number of enjoyable storylines. Desi Linden’s historic win resulted in the first American women’s victory since 1985. Sarah Sellers turned in a truly remarkable performance stunning with a 2nd place finish. Yuki Kawauchi entertained on the men’s side. He earned his first major win after completing 12 marathons in 2017. These stories all occurred amidhypothermia inducing conditions resulting in 25 elite entrants dropping out and over 2,500 runners receiving medical treatment.

The headline of the day for PRTC was brought to us by Margaret Vido. She greatly outperformed her seeded position of 45 to place 15th female overall. This result earned prize money, first Pennsylvanian, and placed her ahead of several full-time professional runners. Margaret had hoped to qualify for the Olympic Trials, but like the rest of the field, was several minutes off her goal time. She ran 2:50:11. A great result on a difficult day!

Lizzy Barrett and Katie Kinkead also represented our women’s team in Boston. Lizzy had a very strong race coming across the line in 3:05, certainly good for a sub 3 hour result in more ordinary weather! Katie completed her first Boston Marathon and helped PRTC field a full women’s team for club scoring purposes. She finished in 3:58:14.

Mike Vido and Pat McLaughlin dueled for “top dog” on the men’s side. The pair trained extensively together leading up to the race. They worked in tandem toward the half marathon mark before Mike ultimately emerged as “Top Dog.” One imagines they kept each other entertained before, during, and after this tough race. Their matching $3.99 “gaping hole” long sleeve t-shirts from Kmart to display their bibs and keep them warm provides just some evidence to this point.

Breandan Lyman powered to a 2:46:10 finish. This represents a Boston PR for Breandan who rocked long tights in the race and looked strong all the way through the line!

Harsha Thirumurthy beat the three hour mark by 2 minutes. His finish came after he tightened up around 18 miles and decided to back off his pace. This was Harsha’s 4th Boston Marathon.

In his 7th(!) appearance at Boston, Jason Vail, finished the race in 3:12.

Although he felt great through 20 miles, Ben Nieto ultimately succumbed to the cold becoming one of the day’s many victims of hypothermia. Medical staff recorded his temperature at 93 degrees before they were able to warm him back up. This was Ben’s first ever DNF. He is already feeling better and looking forward to a strong performance at Broad Street.


Mike Vido: 2:36:03 (62nd)

Pat McLaughlin: 2:40:23 (145th; 144th Male)

Breandan Lyman: 2:46:10 (346th; 340th Male)

Harsha Thirumurthy: 2:58:00 (1,451st; 148th Age Group)

Jason Vail: 3:12:00 (3,702nd; 321st Age group)

Ben Nieto: DNF at 23 miles

Margaret Vido: 2:50:11 (15th Female; 12th American; 1st from PA!)

Lizzy Barrett: 3:05:20 (160th)

Katie Kinkead: 3:58:14 (5,884th)

Our  club score  for men was 11th fastest out of 67 entries. The women placed 22nd out of 64 teams.

Full results here!

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