PRTC Weekly: 07/02/2018 (4th of July Week and More)

4th of July Week Happenings

The heat this week is proving the value of following our email lists. We will be offering our normal runs, but expect a few early morning or late night options. In fact, Ben Nieto and a few others are just 6 hours away from some intervals at Franklin Field. 78 degrees at 6 AM definitely beats 98 degrees at 6 PM.

We will also host our normal Tuesday evening workout at 6:30 PM from Lloyd. Expect some fun easy miles to ease into Independence Day. There is also talk of getting a group together for post-workout drinks and/or gathering on the 4th for those who will be celebrating in the city. Keep an eye on our social email list for more info! 

Be sure to sign up for all the email lists you are interested in so as not to miss any of our runs or events. (Men's, Women's, Easy Runs, Social, etc.).

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