PRTC Weekly: 08/13/2019 (Mayor's Cup, Election Results, and More)

Election / Survey Results

Thanks to all who made their voices heard by participating in our club election and survey!

We were able to collect a great deal of feedback on all things PRTC. The encouraging comments and constructive criticism were much appreciated. We'll release some of the survey results at a future date and take everyone's thoughts into consideration as the club enters the all-important 2019-2020 term. Regarding the election and our Board of Directors, our new team will be:

President: Kevin Brandon
Vice President: Faye Hellman
Communication's Director: Pat McLaughlin
Men's Director: Chris Mateer
Women's Director: Lauren Kelly
Men's Elite Director: Dylan Gearinger
Women's Elite Director: Carey Celata

In addition: Mike Vido will serve in the non-board role of Social Events Coordinator. Sean Clark and Ethan Hermann are teaming as Webmasters.

Again, thanks to all who ran for positions! Keeping PRTC in "good shape" is a group effort. We appreciate everyone who has taken time to build the club into what it is today. The future looks bright for Philly and the elite/sub-elite running community.

As always, feel free to let us know how we're doing throughout the year. Have an idea for the team? Something to offer in terms of support or direction? Let us know!

Race Results

Philadelphia, PA: PRTC claimed its 4th straight Mayor's Cup win over the weekend! Even more exciting we actually remembered to bring our plant home. This was made possible thanks to the heroic actions of Megan, Faye, and a patient Uber driver.

Our roster for Mayor's Cup 2109 was the club's largest ever. We had 31 members race under our name and 7 friendly defections to other local clubs. PRTC had 9 first place finishes across the 10 different races. We also had some great volunteer help from Preshita and Lexi.

Unlike past years, the weather was just about perfect. The day kicked off early with the trail half marathon starting at 6:30 AM. Thus began the parade of PRTC finishers across the line at Belmont Plateau. Overall winners from the day were: Abby Cember, Dylan Gearinger, Maraget Vido, Matt Herzig, Bethany Clark, Simon Voorhees, Chris Mullin, Lauren Kelly, and Tim Appman.

The team enjoyed tailgating at Belmont post-race with the Philadelphia running community. Special thanks to Mike for set up and use of the Vido family tent, pizza, and plenty of beer. Thanks as well to all who brought items to share along with Ross, Liz, and Philadelphia Runner lending us tent space and cooking up hot dogs & burgers for our hungry runners.

1/2 Marathon Results
Abby Cember: 1:50:19 (1st)
Christine Foley: 1:59:20 (3rd) *

Dylan Gearinger: 1:33:00 (1st)
Chris Mateer: 1:33:54 (2nd)
Tom Thomas: 1:43:33 (7th)
Zach Smith: 1:46:03 (8th)
Pete Celona: 1:48:42 (9th)

10 Mile Results
Margaret Vido: 59:32 (1st)
Kylie Pearse: 1:04:01 (2nd) *
Irene Kalbian: 1:05:26 (3rd)
Christy Cohick: 1:07:48 (5th)
Arianna Watters: 1:13:49 (9th) +

Matt Herzig: 54:44 (1st)
Josh Hibbs: 55:34 (2nd)
Joe Foley: 59:21 (3rd) *

10k Results
Bethany Clark: 50:38 (1st)
Becca Nichols: 54:10 (4th)
Stephanie Fulmer: 55:16 (5th)

Simon Voorhees: 42:28 (1st)
Mike Vido: 45:41 (3rd)
Evan Skalski: 50:05 (15th)

5 Mile Results
Christina Luptak: 34:28 (3rd)
Sophia Dahab: 36:47 (6th)
Liz McHale: 37:00 (7th)

Chris Mullin: 27:12 (1st)
Gavin Gibson: 28:43 (2nd)
Kevin Brandon: 28:47 (3rd)
Ben Nieto: 28:54 (4th) #
Ivan Runchkin: 28:57 (5th)
Ross Martinson: 29:22 (6th) ^
Daniel Mallozzi: 32:12 (11th)

5k Results
Lauren Kelly: 20:32 (1st)
Maura Ryan: 21:16 (3rd)
Megan Feehan: 22:14 (6th)

Tim Appman: 17:41 (1st)
Max Krall: 18:52 (4th)
Ian Penkala: 19:15 (7th) +
Jesus Muniz: 20:29 (13th)

Full results here.

* Ran for Bucknell Alumni
# Ran for November Project
^ Ran for Team Philly
+ Ran for Point Breeze Runners

West Chester, PA: (Submitted by Chris M.) The best race of the year is the West Chester Mile. This year, 4 PRTC members and friend/foe Dan Serianni braved rush hour on 76 to taste the sweet nectar of 1609m of bliss. Max drove 4 people in his mom’s van (including Christine who wasn't racing and didn't want to be there, but still came), which he seemingly had never handled before based on how long it took to get out of the parking lot of his frat house.

Arriving at the track and barely able to contain themselves, the giddy energy and tension was put on hold for 1 hour during a thunderstorm delay where everyone (including David, who drove separate but got lonely) hid in Max’s car and endured a playlist of only sad songs. Christine was so miserable she attempted to exit the car into a thunderstorm.

Exactly one hour late, the race started. Michael Twist (4:08 seed, 4:18 PR) went out in a dizzying 61 second first lap. Everyone else went out slower, strung out and just having a fucking blast. Eventually Dylan and Chris caught Michael. Dylan outkicked him (4:22) and Michael outkicked Chris (4:24). Max let out 1 lap of fury to run a 10 second PR of 4:31, while David in midst of half marathon training set a damn PR in August of 4:33.

After pounding some free pizza and not free beer, a select few finished the night at Johnny Brenda’s, where Tim Mateer attempted to teach Christine the value of solitude and patience and was shot down by Christine claiming “fine, I guess I’ll just die alone”

Dylan Gearinger: 4:22.18 (1st)
Chris Mateer: 4:24.52 (3rd)
Max Krall: 4:31.69 (9th)
David Choi: 4:33.35 (12th)

Full results here.

Pittsburgh, PA: Ethan Hermann raced the Brookline Breeze 5k in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. The course stayed true to Pittsburgh as it featured a few good hills. Ethan held up well as he raced to win. He did just that as he held off second place by 7 seconds. Nice job! We're all looking forward to your return to Philly.

Ethan Hermann: 16:21 (1st)

Full results here.

Reading, PA: Mike Tait ran the Half-Wit Half Marathon in his debut for PRTC. This race, put on by Pretzel City Sports, appealed to Mike as it was advertised as: "a day filled with hills, hurdles, hilarity & hurling." Mike purportedly spent some of the race, "wandering around knocking on doors trying to find the finish" before (or after?) winning the race's beer drinking challenge. What a debut!

Mike Tait: 2:42 (206th)

Full results here.

Asbury Park, NJ: David Choi went "down the shore" to race the Asbury Park Sheehan Classic 5k. He ran 15:59, good for 5th overall. The race was put on by New Jersey's Shore Athletic Club. Finishers received a tie day tank in lieu of medals. Presumably this was rocked at the beach post-race.

David Choi: 15:59 (5th)

Full results here.

Upcoming Runs, Events, & Races

Tuesday: 6:30 PM from Lloyd (Confirm workout parameters & partners via Slack.)
Sunday: Long run at 9:00 AM from Lloyd Hall.

Social Events

August 15th, 2019: Philly 10k Training Run to Philadelphia Brewing Co. from PR Center City (6 PM)
August 23rd, 2019: Philly 10k Training Run to Cherry Street Pier from PR Center City (6 PM)


August 24th, 2019Belmont Hall of Fame XC Classic (Philadelphia, PA)
August 25th, 2019The Philly 10k (Philadelphia, PA)
September 7th, 20199/11 Heroes Run (Philadelphia, PA)
September 8th, 2019The Main Line Run 5k (Wayne, PA) *
September 15th, 2019Rock 'n' Roll Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)
September 22nd, 2019USATF NJ Open & Masters 8k XC Championships (Logan Township, NJ)
September 29th, 2019BWM-Berlin Marathon (Berlin, Germany)
October 5th, 2019Paul Short Invitational (Bethlehem, PA)
October 12th, 2019Jack Saint Clair XC (Philadelphia, PA)
October 12th, 2019Hartford Marathon (Hartford, CT)
October 13th, 2019Delaware Distance Classic 15k (Delaware City, DE) *
October 13th, 2019Chicago Marathon (Chicago, IL)
November 3rd, 2019Marshall Half Marathon (Huntington, WV)
November 3rd, 2019New York Marathon (New York, NY)
November 3rd, 2019Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge (Camden, NJ) *
November 23rd, 2019Philadelphia Half Marathon (Philadelphia, PA) *
November 23rd, 2019Rothman 8k (Philadelphia, PA) *
November 24th, 2019Philadelphia Marathon (Philadelphia, PA) *
December 8th, 2019California International Marathon (Sacramento, CA)
December 14th, 2019: USATF Club XC Nationals (Bethlehem, PA)
February 29th, 2020US Olympic Team Trials - Marathon (Atlanta, GA)

USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix Event

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