PRTC Weekly: 09/25/2019 (Global Energy and More)

USATF Club XC Nationals

Registration for USATF Club XC Nationals is now open!

We're very excited to have Club XC Nationals returning to our backyard in Pennsylvania. At this point, we'd ask everyone to hold the date (December 14th) on their calendar and not register just yet. Given the high interest in racing this one with us, we expect to field multiple teams.

Our new elite coordinators have kindly created this explainer for what may be considered as we go about the process of determining team placements (A, B, C, etc. everyone can run!!!!).

Summer and Fall performances, with extra consideration given to the following events: Paul Short (the club cross course); Jack St. Clair; Philadelphia Marathon Weekend Events. If none of these events are on your calendar, it does not preclude you from making your desired team, but we just feel that these will be good indicators of XC success this year.

Additionally: Current fitness. Greater weight will be given to more recent performances. It’s a long season with a championship in mid-December, so we need those who are at their best at the end of November.

Lastly: historical success. We understand that not everyone will have the same volume of fall racing because of differences in training and race focus. As such, we will consider previous success (in cross country and otherwise), albeit to a lesser extent.

Race Results

Philadelphia, PA: Colin Leak's iron hold on PRTC's road record board cracked ever so slightly this weekend at the Global Energy 10k. Dylan Gearinger logged his first entry in our road record category with an enormous PR replacing a time Colin ran in February of this year. Dylan's fast race came against the formidable Willy Fink. How formidable? Willy has a 13:31 5k performance to his name. The Virginia resident traveled to Philadelphia with hopes of winning Global Energy's top prize: an all-expenses-paid trip to Buenos Aires in 2020. Of course, Dylan had plans of his own. He won the trip and recorded a PR of more than a minute as bested his highly accomplished competitor.

Dylan was joined by Sam Roecker at this race and on the podium. Sam (an experienced Global Energy runner) recorded a first place of her own with a time of 36:35. Sam is a previous Global Energy Philadelphia winner and has also run the Brazil race. Congrats Sam & Dylan! Enjoy Argentina!

Dylan Gearinger: 29:25 (1st)
Sam Roecker: 36:35 (1st)

Full results here.

Madrid, Spain: Chris Mateer reaped the rewards of winning last year's Global Energy race here in Philadelphia as he traveled to Madrid to race Global Energy. Having learned from a previous trip to Spain (courtesy of Global Energy) he had high hopes of a strong performance with better-laid travel and sleeping plans. Unfortunately, the Madrid course was "A 5k loop with 2 serious climbs and a sand road). This tossed the idea of a fast time out the window, but we still received a report that it was, "one of the most fun courses I've ever raced." Chris is traveling with his brother Tim (who also ran). Have fun!

Chris Mateer: 34:04 (23rd)

Full results here.

Upcoming Runs, Events, & Races

Tuesday: 6:15 PM warm-up at Franklin Field. Workouts start at 6:30 PM. Check Slack for pace partners!

Sunday: Long run at 9:00 AM from Lloyd Hall.


September 29th, 2019BWM-Berlin Marathon (Berlin, Germany)
October 5th, 2019Paul Short Invitational (Bethlehem, PA)
October 12th, 2019Jack Saint Clair XC (Philadelphia, PA)
October 12th, 2019Hartford Marathon (Hartford, CT)
October 13th, 2019Delaware Distance Classic 15k (Delaware City, DE) *
October 13th, 2019Chicago Marathon (Chicago, IL)
November 3rd, 2019Marshall Half Marathon (Huntington, WV)
November 3rd, 2019New York Marathon (New York, NY)
November 3rd, 2019Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge (Camden, NJ) *
November 23rd, 2019Philadelphia Half Marathon (Philadelphia, PA) *
November 23rd, 2019Rothman 8k (Philadelphia, PA) *
November 24th, 2019Philadelphia Marathon (Philadelphia, PA) *
December 8th, 2019California International Marathon (Sacramento, CA)
December 14th, 2019: USATF Club XC Nationals (Bethlehem, PA)
February 29th, 2020US Olympic Team Trials - Marathon (Atlanta, GA)

USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix Event

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