PRTC Weekly: 11/19/2018 (An Unbelievable Weekend and More)

An Unbelievable Weekend

Wow! What a weekend! We are so proud of everyone who raced, paced, trained, and cheered with us. Our collective efforts helped push many to new personal records and even a few career-level highlights.

Here is our take on all the excitement:

Philadelphia, PA: Matt Herzig, Margaret Vido, Katie Rodden, and Kaitlin Frei all qualified for the 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials! Their efforts at the Philadelphia Marathon have earned them a chance to compete against our country's best marathoners for the honor of representing the US in the Olympics. We can't wait to see you all out there!

Matt Herzig was our fastest finisher on the day. The Dartmouth grad won top Philadelphian, 6th overall, and a spot at 2020 trials. This was Matt's third marathon and a PR of more than 9 minutes. A huge day and well deserved. Paul Matuszak and Josh Hibbs placed 10th and 11th, respectively. The pair made it deep into the race on pace for a trials qualifying time, but ultimately crossed the line in the 2:22's. Paul achieved a PR of more than 2 minutes and Josh took an incredible 12 minutes off of his previous best time. The drive, dedication, and passion these guys display is unmatched. Great racing!

Breandan Lyman came within 50 seconds of his best marathon time. Tom Thomas (who arrived 20 minutes late to the start) logged a 14 minute PR while weaving through slower corrals. Nick Tuck made his marathon debut. He ran 2:43:11 while gunning for Breandan (to win a bet). We're quite sure this made both run faster. Cole Wintheiser made a strong debut in Philadelphia with a 2:52:42. Ian Penkala ran 2:55:27 which was just a few minutes off his PR while Pete Celona joined the 3 hour pace group (led by Mike Vido) to PR and successfully broke the 3 hour barrier.

Not to be outdone, the women's team pitched a perfect game. Our four returning marathoners logged a cumulative PR of roughly 54 minutes! Add in two marathon debuts and we went six for six in PR's.

Margaret Vido recorded her best ever finish at Philadelphia (4th), first Philadelphian,  a 2 minute PR, and punched her return ticket to trials. Katie Rodden made her debut in the marathon really count. In her first ever outing she comfortably secured a trials qualifying time and placed 6th overall. Kaitlin Frei took 8 minutes off of her previous best marathon (which had been her first) and qualified for trials with 49 seconds to spare. Kinjal Parikh broke 2:50 in her debut. She described the experience as humbling while demonstrating she has serious talent as a marathoner. Irene Kalbian and Abby Cember both logged amazing PR's (24 and 20 minutes) and had very good races coming in at 2:53:18 and 3:00:34.

2020 Trials will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. Colin Leak and Sam Roecker are expected to join our four new qualifiers which brings our current Trials roster to six. Here's to adding a few more names by 2020!

Matt Herzig: 2:18:36 (6th) * ! $
Paul Matuszak: 2:22:33 (10th) *
Josh Hibbs: 2:22:56 (11th) *
Breandan Lyman: 2:37:43 (53rd)
Tom Thomas: 2:38:27 (58th) *
Nick Tuck: 2:43:11 (78th) * %
Cole Wintheiser: 2:52:42 (148th)
Ian Penkala: 2:55:27 (206th)
Pete Celona: 2:59:04 (298th) *
Mike Vido: 2:59:13 (307th) #

Margaret Vido: 2:42:50 (4th) * ! $
Katie Rodden: 2:43:08 (6th) * ! %
Kaitlin Frei: 2:44:11 (9th) * !
Kinjal Parikh: 2:49:25 (16th) * %
Irene Kalbian: 2:53:18 (27th) *
Abby Cember: 3:00:34 (38th) *

! = 2020 Olympic Trials Qualifier
$ = First Philadelphian
* = PR
% = Marathon Debut
# = Pacer (3-hour group)

Full results here.

Philadelphia, PA: 13 PRTC members took on the Philadelphia Half Marathon on Saturday morning. Participants were treated to beautiful weather and enthusiastic crowds.

Duriel Hardy recorded a 30 second PR, won first Philadelphian, and placed 8th overall with a very fast 1:06:19. This was his best finish ever at the event and was accomplished while essentially racing solo from mile 2.5 to the finish. Great race! (Is the marathon next? Time will tell!)

Alex Predhome had a great half-marathon debut. He placed top 25 (23rd) with a 1:12:20. Alex is having a strong season and will conclude his 2018 campaign at Club XC Nationals in a few weeks. Julian Boggs PR'd with 1:13:07, good for 28th with Ethan Rissell following at 1:13:40 (30th). This was Ethan's PRTC debut. Welcome to the club! Nick Crits took his first shot at a competitive half-marathon. He recorded a 1:13:45 off of 50-60 mile weeks. Jeff Young, David Klein, and Ethan Hermann all made their Philly Half debuts with success. They placed 40th, 56th, and 57th. Alex Tozzo came in well-under the 1:30 mark with a finish of 1:26:03. Nice job all!

Christy Cohick ran her first half marathon since 2011. She had much success in her return to the distance and set a new PR of 1:24:28. This effort was good for 22nd. Stephanie Fulmer was next in and claimed 23rd overall. Christy and Steph's consecutive placing was fun to see as the pair trained together in the lead up to the race. Great teamwork! Aliah joined Christy in claiming a new PR. Her 1:34:58 was good for 111th. Kayla Vaughan was a few minutes off her best half time, but ran well. This was her second time taking on the Philly Half.

Duriel Hardy: 1:06:19 (8th) * $
Alex Predhome: 1:12:20 (23rd) *
Julian Boggs: 1:13:07 (28th) *
Ethan Rissell: 1:13:40 (30th)
Nick Crits: 1:13:45 (31st)
Jeff Young: 1:15:11 (40th)
David Klein: 1:16:58 (56th) *
Ethan Hermann: 1:17:04 (57th) *
Alex Tozzo: 1:26:03 (159th)

Christy Cohick: 1:24:28 (22nd) *
Stephanie Fulmer: 1:24:49 (23rd)
Aliah Molczan: 1:34:58 (111th) *
Kayla Vaughan: 1:39:53 (200th)

$ = First Philadelphian
* = PR

Full results here.

Philadelphia, PA: Chris Hatler came within seconds of breaking one of our oldest club records at the Rothman 8k. His 23:50 narrowly missed Bill Frawley's mark of 23:44 in 2001. This was a PR for Chris and good for an impressive 4th place finish. Nice race! Kieran Sutton came in just over 25 minutes earning 12th overall. Chris and Kieran next appear for PRTC at USATF Club XC Nationals.

Chris Naimoli had a fantastic race after coming back from an overseas trip. His 25:14 won 14th overall and 1st in his age group. Sean Clark continued his streak of strong races with a 25:42 for 21st. Chris Mateer's 26 flat bodes well for his upcoming Club XC Nats appearance. Colin McGrath made a welcome return to Philadelphia with a 26:12 finish. Colin will also join PRTC in Spokane. Geoff Barletta recorded a nice PR and dipped under 26:30. Alec Brand came in well under 27 minutes with a 26:39. Zach Smith logged yet another PR on his season. 27:19 earned him 47th overall. Ben Nieto also earned a PR with his 28:11. Way to go, Ben! Kurt Palumbo, fresh off a vacation to Mexico, came in a few seconds over 30 minutes. He enjoyed the day, but possibly missed being poolside.

Jessica Fragola (racing immediately after a shift at work!) was the first female for PRTC. She recorded a 30:41 which was good for 14th overall. Caroline Dorey-Stein placed 22nd in 31:54. Congrats on the great racing!

Chris Hatler: 23:50 (4th) *
Kieran Sutton: 25:04 (12th)
Chris Naimoli: 25:14 (14th) ^
Sean Clark: 25:42 (21st)
Chris Mateer: 26:00 (23rd)
Colin McGrath: 26:12 (26th)
Geoff Barletta: 26:28 (33rd) *
Alec Brand: 26:39 (35th)
Zach Smith: 27:19 (47th) *
Max Krall: 27:34 (48th) *
Ben Nieto: 28:11 (58th) *
Kurt Palumbo: 30:11 (77th)

Jessica Fragola: 30:41 (14th)
Caroline Dorey-Stein: 31:54 (22nd)

* = PR
^ = Bryn Mawr (Frequent friend of PRTC!)

Full results here.

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