PRTC Weekly: 03/25/18 Racing Around Town and More

Racing Around Town

PRTC members took on four separate races here in Philadelphia this weekend!

The Love Run Half Marathon was the big effort for Geraint, Pat, and Ben. Each ran well in Sunday morning’s cold/windy conditions. Geraint was first in for PRTC taking 5th in 1:11:53. Geraint returned to Philly for the race from his new home of Cambridge, MA. He looks well on his way back to previous top-racing shape. Pat took 6th in 1:12:37. He stumbled into a free bib and did this race last-minute. Great result for an unplanned race and prep work for Boston! Ben Nieto, also training for Boston, logged an impressive 30 second PR with his 1:16:40 finish good for 14th overall. This sets up a possibility of more PR’s to come. Nice job all!


Geraint Davies: 1:11:53 (5th)

Pat McLaughlin: 1:12:37 (6th)

Ben Nieto: 1:16:40 (14th)

Full results here.

Back on my Feet Five Miler: PRTC went 2 for 2 in this one with Josh Hibbs and Kinjal taking top male/female. Josh made his debut for PRTC memorable. Not only was he first overall by a margin of 1:38, his dog Bella celebrated the win by making an escape to greet him at the finish line! Breandan was next in for PRTC. He shaved a few seconds from his 2017 BoMF appearance to take 6th overall. Craig improved upon his most recent 5 miler by nearly 20 seconds taking 8th and Alex earned a lifetime PR with his time of 31:22 good for 28th.

Kinjal and Lauren claimed 1st and 2nd overall. Kinjal took the win after placing 2nd in 2017. Lauren was pleased with her finish as well. She maintained a 6-minute per mile pace and is looking forward to taking on some track 5k’s soon.


Josh Hibbs: 24:32 (1st)

Breandan Lyman: 26:53 (6th)

Craig Eppler: 27:13 (8th)

Alex Tozzo: 31:22 (28th)

Kinjal Parikh: 28:55 (1st)

Lauren Kelly: 29:27 (3rd)

Full results here.

Phillies Charities 5k:  Paul and Tom competed in the Philadelphia Phillies 5K. It was Paul’s 7th appearance and the first for Tom. Similar to Paul’s 2012 race (which he won under a friend’s name), Tom went by an alias of “Ryan” after coming out the winner in a three-person trade in which he obtained a race bib for free from a friend and in turn netted cash for his Friday night Agent Orange show he decided against now that he was racing: a well-played three-personswap. The race started out modestly given the wind was largely a non-issue or benefit during the early parts of the race with the first two miles cover in 5:23 and 5:29 (10:52). Shortly after the 2-mile mark and now going into a full-on headwind for the remainder of the race, Paul, Tom, and a third racer surged to hammer it home. Paul came out on top at 16:40 with Tom following shortly after upon winning his kick over the other racer for 2nd place overall.

Jen Mullin made an appearance at this charity event as well. This hopefully is a step toward more healthy races to come! Jen ran well, placing 16th with an overall time of 22:06. Nice work!


Paul Matuszak: 16:40 (1st)

Tom Thomas: 16:54 (2nd)

Jennifer Mullin: 22:06 (16th)

Full results here.

Get Your Rear in Gear: Margaret and Mike Vido again ran the charity race “Get Your Rear in Gear” in support of the Colon Cancer Coalition. The pair was joined by friend of PRTC, Laura Steel, and Max Krall.

Margaret won her 4th consecutive appearance AND registered Mike as a female for the 2nd year in a row! Things were sorted out and Mike took top male. The Vido’s put in their race performance after a 6-mile marathon pace run as a workout. Max placed 3rd overall and supported Team Jefferson. Laura finished 3rd female and ran on Mike and Margaret’s Team, Courtney’s Crew.


Mike Vido: 21:46 (1st)

Max Krall: 22:46 (3rd)

Margaret Vido: 22:54 (1st)

Laura Steel: 25:34 (3rd)

Full results here. Donate here.

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