PRTC Weekly: 05/07/2018 Broad Street Recap and More

Broad Street Recap

Philadelphia, PA: This year's Broad Street Run was a big event for PRTC. We had 36 members complete the race, 12 more than last year! We're pleased the club continues to grow and grateful to all who have recently joined. Of course, increased numbers makes presenting a detailed race report quite difficult. Instead, we offer just a few highlights:

PRTC's Men's Team had a large contingent at the race with 27 finishers. Duriel Hardy (new to the club; familiar to many on the SRT and Franklin Field) made an exciting return to racing. He claimed first Philadelpian with a fantastic time of 49:31. Josh Hibbs, similarly broke the 50 minute barrier for the first time by a comfortable margin placing 14th in this year's very deep field. Paul was third man in for PRTC. He relied on his, "rarely reliable/commonly disastrous long distance race strategy of running as fast as possible for as long as possible." It paid off handsomely this year as he was rewarded with a sizable PR.

Margaret led the way for PRTC's Women. Her 4th place finish was also good for Top Philadelphian giving PRTC the sweep in the category. The performance was especially impressive considering it came just a few weeks removed from the Boston Marathon. Chrissie was 2nd in for the club and also made top 10 with a fast time of 58:41. Meghan and Kinjal both broke the 60 minute barrier and Kylie and Lauren came in just over 60 minutes. A good sign of fitness for both and also top 25 overall!

Thank you to Chrissie Ramsey for following up her stellar performance at Broad Street by hosting a fun after-race party at her Fairmount home. It was great to hear war stories from everyone, enjoy healthy and not-so-healthy refreshments, and inevitably end up at the Green Room for an after-after party.

Apologies we aren't able to fully detail everyone's races. If anyone would like to share their experience, please feel free to send a race report to the Men's or Women's email lists. Congrats to all who had PR's and positive results!

To all: Please take a look at our updated race calendar. We're looking forward to our next Grand Prix event, the Scott Coffee Run in June. Also, it's never too early to start thinking about XC season or a fall marathon!
Hope to see everyone out this Sunday for our long run!

Results & Age Graded Percentile
Duriel Hardy: 49:31 (12th; 1st Philadelphian) 88.80%
Josh Hibbs: 49:44 (14th) 88.47%
Paul Matuszak: 50:35 (18th) 86.99%
Steve Hallman: 51:57 (21st) 84.70%
Chris Mateer: 52:23 (25th) 84.00%
Colin McGrath: 52:40 (28th) 83.54%
Geraint Davies: 53:19 (35th) 82.53%
Joe Binder: 53:20 (36th) 83.03%
Pat McLaughlin: 54:19 (43rd) 81.01%
Julian Boggs: 54:40 (51st) 80.52%
Jeff Young: 54:41 (52nd) 80.46%
Mike Vido: 54:44 (54th) 80.39%
Craig Eppler: 54:58 (58th) 80.05%
Zach Smith: 55:12 (61st) 79.71%
Cain Leathers: 56:00 (74th) 78.57%
Alec Brand: 56:28 (82nd) 77.92%
Harsha Thirumurthy: 56:34 (86th) 80.82%
Tom Thomas: 56:43 (92nd) 77.58%
Ben Nieto: 56:45 (93rd) 77.53%
Breandan Lyman: 56:53 (98th) 77.35%
Kieran Sutton: 58:06 (129th) 75.73% +
Max Krall: 58:07 (130th) 75.71%
Pete Celona: 1:01:02 (258th) 72.80%
Jason Vail: 1:03:31 (393rd) 75.57%
Alex Tozzo: 1:05:40 (582nd) 67.18%
Kurt Palumbo: 1:06:20 (645th) 66.36%
Kevin Brandon: 1:21:19 (5,278th) 54.13% *

Margaret Vido: 57:00 (4th; 1st Philadelphian!) 86.58%
Christine Ramsey: 58:41 (9th) 84.95%
Meghan Bishop: 59:32 (13th) 83.09%
Kinjal Parikh: 59:56 (19th) 82.37%
Kylie Pearse: 1:00:20 (21st) 81.80%
Lauren Kelly: 1:00:43 (24th) 81.28%
Susie Cirilli: 1:08:39 (136th) 71.96%
Carolie Dorey-Stein: 1:09:11 (156th) 71.40%
Aliah Molczan: 1:09:54 (180th) 70.91%

+ Tempo Run
* Pacing
Bold = Scored for PRTC in the Mid-Atlantic USATF Grand Prix Challenge

Full results here.

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Upcoming Club Runs, Events, & Races

Tuesday: Meet at 6:30 PM for track work at Franklin Field. Workout TBD via email list or at track.

Sunday: Long run at 9:00 AM from Lloyd Hall

May 14th, 2018: Swarthmore Last Chance Track Meet (Swarthmore, PA)
May 17th, 2018: Widener Last Chance Track Meet (Chester, PA)
June 2nd, 2018Scott Coffee Run (Moorestown, NJ) *
August 11th, 2018Mayor's Cup (Philadelphia, PA)
August 26th, 2018The Philly 10k (Philadelphia, PA)
September 9th, 2018Main Line Run (Wayne, PA) *
September 29th, 2018Paul Short XC Invite (Lehigh, PA)
October 6th, 2018Jack Saint Clair XC Invite (Philadelphia, PA)
October 7th, 2018Delaware Distance Classic 15k (Delaware City, DE) *
November 4th, 2018Cooper Norcross Run the Bridge 10k (Camden, NJ) *
November 17th, 2018Philadelphia Half Marathon (Philadelphia, PA) *
November 17th, 2018Rothman Institute 8k (Philadelphia, PA) *
November 18th, 2018Philadelphia Marathon (Philadelphia, PA) *
December 8th, 2018USATF Club XC Nationals (Spokane, WA)

* Denotes USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix Event