PRTC Weekly: 02/04/2019 (Kickoff Recap, Busting Rust, and More)

2019 Kickoff Recap

Thanks to all who attended our kickoff event at the Bok Building!

We are excited for the opportunities 2019 presents us as a team and grateful to Diadora and Philadelphia Runner for their increased investment in the club. Also, how cool are those jackets?!?

As mentioned at the event, we're very pleased with everyone's efforts in building out our running community. It's helped us win over great sponsors and foster a fast group of training partners and supporters. We ask everyone to help us keep the momentum going by staying in compliance with our contracts, showing up to the runs, and representing us on social media. Much fun ahead!

Enjoy the weather and see everyone at our next run!

Race Results

Collegeville, PA: Vast quantities of rust were busted by PRTC's Men's team at Ursinus College's Frank Colden Invitational. The day at the indoor track began with 25 fun-filled laps * for the 5k. Alex Predhome led the way for PRTC with his third place finish. Sam Stortz scored a win over Pat McLaughlin (an estimated first in at least 50 races dating back to their days as high school teammates) while Craig Eppler ran just a few seconds off of his 2018 time.

* Pat self-reports he ran 26 laps. Investigators have been unable to substantiate this claim. Also. the phrase "Fun-Filled Laps" may be substituted with difficult, crushing, brutal, and/or tragic laps.

Meanwhile, in the mile, PRTC members busted a bit less rust. Kieran Sutton won a tactile mile in the fast heat. He recorded a 4:24 in preparation for an upcoming effort at Boston University's Valentine Invitational. Chris Mateer kept his streak of sub 4:30 miles alive. This accomplishment now dates back to 2012. David Choi emerged as a third place finisher in his heat with a strong race and Alec Brand performed well as a last-minute entrant. Ethan Hermann logged his first indoor effort for PRTC coming in just under 4:45. Max Krall, reported he, "Felt Good" before the race and "Felt Bad" afterwards. Nevertheless, he ran well recording a 4:51. Sam Stortz returned from his earlier 5k effort for the Ursinus Alumni mile where his 4:54 won 2nd place.

Results (5,000m)
Alex Predhome: 16:05.39 (3rd)
Sam Stortz: 16:12.78 (6th)
Pat McLaughlin: 16:50.55 (13th)
Craig Eppler: 17:07.55 (18th)

Results (Mile)
Kieran Sutton: 4:24.20 (1st)
Chris Mateer: 4:29.67 (7th)
David Choi: 4:41.36 (21st)
Alec Brand: 4:43.65 (23rd)
Ethan Hermann: 4:44.16 (25th)
Max Krall: 4:51.19 (40th)
Sam Stortz: 4:54.20 (2nd in Alumni Mile)

Full results here.

Edinburg, TX: Colin Leak claimed his 7th (!) club record and a new road 10k PR at the All America City 10k! His time of 30:21 earned 1st American and 7th overall in the highly competitive race. Colin says he was excited to lower his PR, finish the race in good health, and is looking forward to continue working toward a fast spring marathon. 

Colin now has every PRTC road record from the 5 mile to the marathon. His 10k time was 7 seconds faster than Edward Callinan's 30:28 effort in 2002 at Brian's Run. Congrats, Colin!

Colin Leak: 30:21 (7th/1st American)

Full Results here.

Orca's Island, WA: Pete Celona returned to Washington State to take in the beauty that is the Orca's Island 50k. He kindly sent us a dispatch from the West Coast which we've included for everyone's enjoyment. Congrats Pete on the great result and work!

"It was a fun run with old friends and I managed a somersault across the finish line. Perfect weather, primo trails, old growth forests, and majestic views from atop Mount Constitution." It was, "funny to see Philly citywide special PBR & Jim Beam at each aid station. I rolled my ankle early on at mile 2 (!) and couldn’t run as fast as I wanted downhill after that but worked through it and cut 20 minutes off my 2017 time. Cold kegs, pizza, and live bluegrass capped a dope day."

Pete Celona: 6 hours 33 minutes (56th)

Full results here.

Allentown, PA: The Vido's continued their recent tradition of running the Superbowl Tailgate Trot 10k. Mike recorded a big win over Margaret on the hilly course as he beat her to the finish line for the first time since Broad Street 2018. His 35:31 was good for third overall. For her part, Margaret won in at least one category with her 1st place female win in 36:44 successfully defending her 2018 victory. 

Mike Vido: 35:31 (3rd)
Margaret Vido: 36:44 (1st)

Full Results here.

Membership Renewals

A reminder that we are currently processing memberships for 2019. If you plan to retain membership, please sign up for the club as soon as possible. We'll need three things from each returning (or new) member.

1) RunSignUp registration w/ the club.
2) Signed tier contract
3) An email to update roster profile with any new PR's or related information.

Please let us know if you did not receive an invitation to join a tier and the RunSignUp link.

Race Sign Ups

Join PRTC for our first Grand Prix event of 2019, The Frostbite 5 Miler! Sign up as soon as you can to avoid price increases. Registration here!

Upcoming Runs, Events, & Races

Tuesday: Franklin Field at 6:30 (warm-up at 6:15. Organize workouts via Slack.

Sunday: Long run at 9:00 AM from Lloyd Hall.

February 23rd, 2019Fireside Frostbite 5 Miler (Ambler, PA)
March 16th, 2019Adrenaline 5k (Haddonfield, NJ)
April 25th - 27th, 2019Penn Relays (Philadelphia, PA)
April, 28, 2019Revolutionary Run 5 Miler (Valley Forge, PA)
May 5th, 2019Broad Street Run (Philadelphia, PA)
June 2nd, 2019Philly Run Fest (Philadelphia, PA)
June 9th, 2019USATF Half Marathon Trail Championships (Scranton, PA)

* Denotes USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix Event

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