PRTC Weekly: 03/18/2019 (Adrenaline, NYC, and More)

Race Results

Haddonfield, NJ.: 25 PRTC members raced the Adrenaline 5k this year! We're thrilled to have had such high participation. We tied for best club showing with the always competive Greater Philadelphia Track Club. This will greatly help as we jostle for early positioning in the 2019 Grand Prix Challenge.

The field faced moderate to strong wind throughout the race on an otherwise temperate day. Per tradition, the 5k began in front of Haddonfield High school. Runners were treated to a fast course, bagpipes, and plenty of fast competition.

Highlights included Dylan Gearinger taking to the roads during a high-intensity week. He faced off against friendly rival Charlie Marquardt and fought right down to the final stretch. Dylan placed third overall and broke 15. Paul Matuszak also broke 15 minutes. He held strong to the lead pack through the entirity of the race and posted his best 5k performance in years. We can't wait to see him appear at Broad Street!

Chris Mateer put up a solid race coming in under the 15:30 mark and scoring for the team in the Grand Prix challenge. Simon Voorhees (prepping for the Love Run) followed for 14th. Ethan Hermann delighted with a nice PR and well-deserved breakout race. He has a very bright future. Alex Predhome turned in a 15:41 for 19th as he continues to quickly gain fitness. Steve Hallman returned from injury to round out the top 20. His mile-long finishing kick claimed many runners as he surged with what is quickly becoming known as a signature move. David Choi crossed the line in 21st. His 15:44 tells us all his hard work on Tuesday nights at the track is paying off. Kevin Brandon and Chris Mullin both broke 16 minutes.

Alexis Geslin and Tim Appman debuted for PRTC. The pair (wearing old or otherwise unavailable club singlets, sorry guys!) performed well. Ross Martinson equaled his time from 2018 despite taking a completely different approach to his training this cycle (distance over speed). He cracked 17 minutes showing he's still got it with an 82% age-graded score. Max had a tough day after a med school / race night induced sleepness night. His 17:01 was good for 50th overall. Blair Biggin made a welcomed debut for PRTC placing 69th. Alex Tozzo returned to the race circuit after traveling abroad and dipped just under 20 minutes for 131st.

Margaret Vido claimed the women's title after her 2nd place finish in 2018. She also recorded a new PR in the process! Crystal Bacon had a successful rust-buster on a break from coaching at Ursinus. She made full use of the opportunity turning in a promising 17:36 for 5th overall. Jessica Fragola claimed 6th with her own exciting return to racing. Abby Cember was top ten and only 20 seconds away from an all-time best in the distance. Lauren Kelly came in under 19 minutes for 16th. Erica Long, our lone Haddonfield resident, PR'd on her home course by 2 seconds. Becca Nichols joined the women's team for the first time and nearly PR'd with a 19:27. Faye Hellman also made a triumphant and much welcomed return to racing. Her 29th place finish singled a happy return to health. Kayla Vaughan was 31st in. Her 20:32 shows nice promise for the upcoming spring season. Great job, everyone!

Post-race, the team convened at Wegman's to refuel after a busy morning. An ill-fated excurision to Sabrina's Cafe ended with a predictable warning of a 45 minute wait. Things turned for the worse upon arrival at the famed Rochester-area headquartered grocery chain as the team discovered the sandwich oven was out of order. Club members instead opted for the pre-made buffet area. Results ranged from acceptable to disappointing (poorly prepared Chinese). Fortunately, redemption was found in the form of cookies, "Intense Chocolate Milk," or at least the liquor store across the parking lot to prepare for the remainder of Saint Patrick's Day weekend.

Dylan Gearinger: 14:49 (3rd) 87.627% *
Paul Matuszak: 14:56 (7th) 87.612% *
Chris Mateer: 15:28 (12th) 83.944% *
Simon Voorhees: 15:36 (14th) 83.266%
Ethan Hermann: 15:36 (16th) 83.333%
Alex Predhome: 15:41 (19th) 82.784%
Steve Hallman: 15:43 (20th) 82.609%
David Choi: 15:44 (21st) 82.521%
Kevin Brandon: 15:53 (27th) 81.742%
Chris Mullin: 15:55 (29th) 81.571%
Alexis Geslin: 16:23 (35th) 79.247%
Tim Appman: 16:45 (43rd) 77.612%
Ross Martinson: 16:49 (45th) 82.061%
Max Krall: 17:01 (50th) 76.298%
Blair Biggin: 17:41 (69th) 73.516%
Alex Tozzo: 19:59 (131st) 65.721%

Margaret Vido: 17:10 (1st) 83.019% *
Crystal Bacon: 17:36 (5th) 83.902% *
Jessica Fragola: 17:56 (6th) 83.086%
Abby Cember: 18:36 (10th) 79.391%
Lauren Kelly: 18:53 (14th) 78.199%
Erica Long: 19:03 (16th) 77.856%
Rebecca Nichols: 19:27 (22nd) 75.921%
Faye Hellman: 20:25 (29th) 72.653%
Kayla Vaughan: 20:32 (31st) 71.916%

* = Scored for PRTC in Grand Prix Series

Full results here.

New York, NY: Sunday morning brought us the United Airlines New York City Half Marathon. Colin Leak continued his record of strong performances at a high level. He recorded a top twenty finish and ran only a minute or so behind his personal record in the distance. Colin is aiming for an elite performance at the London Marathon later this season. Kurt Palumbo and Daryl Santiago (making his PRTC debut) also raced in NY. Kurt ran a nicely paced race and beat his time from last year by several minutes. Daryl rocked a PRTC singlet for the first time and finished a few seconds behind new teammate Kurt. Both placed comfortably within the top thousand out of around 25,000 participants.

Current NYC resident Meghan Bishop turned in a very impressive half-marathon performance of her own. She recorded a PR of more than three minutes and a 22nd place finish. Meghan will next appear at the New Jersey Marathon with several other PRTC members all aiming for fast times. Great race, Meghan!

Colin Leak: 1:05:27 (19th)
Kurt Palumbo: 1:28:46 (920th)
Daryl Santiago: 1:28:55 (947th)

Meghan Bishop: 1:16:27 (22nd)

Full results here.

Upcoming Runs, Events, & Races

Tuesday: Franklin Field at 6:30 (warm-up at 6:15. Organize workouts via Slack.)

Sunday: Long run at 9:00 AM from Lloyd Hall

March 30th, 2019Back on my Feet Five Miler (Philadelphia, PA)
March 31st, 2019Love Run (Philadelphia, PA)
April 13th, 2019Philly Style 8k (Philadelphia, PA)
April 25th - 27th, 2019Penn Relays (Philadelphia, PA)
April, 28th, 2019Revolutionary Run 5 Miler (Valley Forge, PA) *
May 5th, 2019Broad Street Run (Philadelphia, PA) *
June 2nd, 2019Philly Run Fest (Philadelphia, PA)
June 9th, 2019USATF Half Marathon Trail Championships (Scranton, PA)

* Denotes USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix Event

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